Tessell is a GWT reactive application framework


  • View generation of the MVP/UiBinder interfaces/implementations that allow for fast, DOM-decoupled unit tests but that suck to code by hand
  • Rich models to make your application's presenter/business logic more declarative and have less spaghetti/inner class code
  • Dispatch-style server/client AJAX communication
  • Stubs for awesome, out-of-the-box tests
  • Conventions for forms, row tables, and cell tables


Tessell is available in the repo.tessell.org repository:

  • org.tessell tessell-user
  • org.tessell tessell-dev
  • org.tessell tessell-apt

Note Tessell has very frequent releases, so check the repo for the latest versions.

For integrating Tessell into your project, see getting started.


Note if you have problems on FF/Ubuntu with stream not found, you might try installing the Flash-Aid extension and using a Flayer directly from Adobe. See this forum thread about FF/Flowplayer issues.


Open Source

Tessell is licensed under the Apache Software License and available on github: tessell.

Following the github project is also the best way to stay in the loop on changes.